Peak Performance Service Agreements = Peace of Mind!

PEAK PERFORMANCE energy saving tune-ups provide MAXIMUM COMFORT and “PEACE OF MIND.”  You might be paying the price without receiving the benefit…

Without preventive maintenance, air conditioning and heating systems wear out 25%, faster, lose capacity (less air and comfort) and cost 33% more to operate.  In Florida, air conditioning systems consume 35-47% of the electricity in an average home.


Check and Clean Condenser and Evaporator Coil
Foreign material in the condenser coil reduces the system’s capacity to remove heat from the house.  Your air conditioning system must run longer, increasing energy consumption.

Check Starting Capabilities
Assure system will start and operate when needed.

Check Operating Pressures for Proper Refrigerant Charge
Improper refrigerant charge – too much or too little – could damage the compressor.  Your system operates at a lower efficiency causing higher electric bills.

Check & Clean Condensate Drain & Install Free Flow Tabs
A clogged condensate drain can create a breeding place for bacteria, cause considerable water damage, as well as effect indoor humidity levels. 

Check and Adjust Blower Components
Proper adjustment and cleanliness of blower and components are necessary for adequate airflow to assure proper capacity and equipment reliability. 

Replace and/or Clean Air Filters

A dirty air filter can substantially reduce the airflow over the evaporator coil, resulting in inadequate cooling of your home.  A dirty air filter could cause high energy usage and compressor damage. 

Check Reversing Valve
For proper conversion from heating to air conditioning cycle on a heat pump system. 

Lubricate All Moving Parts Where Necessary
Poor lubrication causes drag in the motor and drive shaft, requiring more electricity to overcome resistance.  Lack of lubrication can ruin the bearings and burnout a motor.

Check All Electrical Connections
Resistance caused by loose connections will create excessive heat at that point, causing damage.  Loose connections cause improper voltage to components, making them inoperative or causing eventual failure.

Check Thermostat Calibration
An improperly calibrated thermostat will call for more or less cooling than desired.  The former will cost you money, the latter will cost you comfort.

Check Crankcase Heater

An operational crankcase heater prevents possible compressor damage.

Check Air Temperature Differential
This is one of the methods of determining proper system operation.

Check System AirFlow
One of the factors to assure maximum efficiency of your cooling system. 

As a SERVICE AGREEMENT customer, you will receive emergency service before non-agreement customers.